Family, Love, and Blossoms

Being a Northern California photographer each year almond blossom sessions are my highlight.  They are such a spectacular backdrop that we are so privileged to have in our backyard. I adore them so much I wanted to get married walking down the orchard aisle. Instead we were married during the dead heat of summer but hey maybe I can have a dream vow renewal. For the time being I am gratified being able to capture my family and other families in such a sightly location. 

When February comes my sister and I are on the look out for blossoms. When they emerge, we load up our children and camera gear, hightail it out to amerce ourselves into the rows of trees. Capturing the beauty of this time of year has become one of our annual sister outings. 

My heart is overjoyed with how our sisterly bond has transformed, motherhood is truly a sisterhood. We became mothers at the sometime, with our oldest being 13 days apart. It has been a blessing being able to have someone that is so relatable to your own life experiences. 

It was only fitting, taking this scenic location and pairing it with my passion of capturing mother's and their blosoming children.