Chico Family Photographer

{Motherhood Honestly}

While my baby's first year is dwindling away, I am still trying the grasp this uncontrollable notion of time. As a mother to a mother, the first few weeks or even months you are in survival mode of keeping this new life alive, happy, and content. You are sleep deprived and many of your needs become second nature. At some point you learn to operate with sleep deprivation, you figure out how to manage those few minutes to hop in the shower, and you become a master of preforming daily tasks with one hand. Even with the challenges, as mothers, we push through.  The journey of motherhood, It is the most demanding yet rewarding venture.

In between these hurtles are those tender moments. Those moments are what make everything worth it. Seeing your baby's face light up when you enter the room, your arms being the only happy solution, those big eyes looking up at you while you nourish their tiny body, the way they grasp your finger when they drift off to sleep. Those moments are what I live for. 

 I love the chaos, raw, unrefined, tender, sweet, blissful moments of motherhood. Those moments are what speak to my soul. Thus, this is why I have decided to combine my two passions: motherhood and photography. 

When documenting your child's life, how many photographs do you have with you in them? Us moms are usually on the other side of the camera and not often are there documentation of us being present. My mission is to change this; I'm aiming to capture motherhood in the truest form. Bring on the chaos, unrefined, and tender moments! Our children deserve to have photographs of their childhood with the person who embraces, nurtures, and comforts them. They deserve to see the true and honest moments of their life. You deserve to preserve the memories of the relationship you have with them at this point in time of life. This period of time is so heartbreakingly fast, there is nothing more you can do except soak up every moment of it and document it. Once it is documented you can always revisit a time that once was.