What it Means to Me

Photography, what does it mean to me? I strive on the passion of documenting moments that other wise would be just a glimpse of time. These moments will now be cherished for the eternity of the photograph.


This passion really started brewing in me when my son was born, 2012. I didn’t want to forget any little moment of his life. I would always have my camera by my side taking photos and documenting as much of his life as possible. Thankfully, for the most part, he is quite the trooper and has allowed me to capture these treasured moments. With him taking the role as my guinea pig I began learning the art behind photography.


One day I realized that I wanted to share my passion with other families. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful photograph of his or her family. I am so grateful and humble of the opportunity that my clients have brought me. They have pushed me to a whole new level of photography, a place I have only dreamt of being. The passion of documenting moments of time, in ones life, is more powerful then it has ever been.

Francesca Murgia