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You know when something just aligns more perfectly than you could imagine? These were the exact feelings I had with this session. I met with Jessica for a pre-consult and the pieces just fell together. We decided on an in-home session, during this type of session all your effort is put into loving and connecting with your children. That is simple right? I find these photos to be more intimate, meaning they capture real moments of your life as they would be if I were not there.

On this overcast spring morning: much snuggles were had, books were read, and laughter was shared. Very typical Saturday morning.

Chico Lifestyle Photographer

The day began to warm up and the kids were bursting to get outside in their yard. I followed them out there and captured them out in their element.

Chico Family Photographer 2

My cup is always filled when I am able to witness and capture love like this. When Jessica received her images she made a statement that these photographs captured the current stage of their life and now she will always have it. That is exactly how I hope every client of mine feels, I want you to feel that your life was not only documented beautifully but authentically. When you look back at these photographs you shall feel immersed back into that stage of life.

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